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Jack Christensen

Any place is fine to ask questions... users have been good about forwarding us to where the conversation is happening.

Tracking down info on the Duplicate Messge error is tricky: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4874532/twitter-error-could-not-post-tweet

I have not found it spelled out in the Twitter API, but it does exist.

For example, if you send, "The temperature is 56" and "The temperature is 60" one message will likely get disregarded. You can even add time stamps or random numbers, and will still bounce - they have some matching detection. You are safe, I think every 3-4 hours if the content is the same.

Wow, on the one hand I get suppressing spam, but as far as the IOT, that is an exceedingly bad idea on Twitter's part, automated monitoring messages will by definition tend to be very similar! Maybe it should be a user-configurable parameter, whether to filter or not. I'd even be OK with it being on by default.


If you keep the Serial Monitor window open on the Arduino sketch, you will see what gets reported back. That's where you might see Bad Gateway or a 403 error.

Yes, I am quite aware, like I said, I was seeing the 502 error simultaneously from www.thingspeak.com in my web browser, and being returned from the server in response to POSTs. The examples I posted in the ThingSpeak forum were copied from the serial monitor. BTW, I wrote my own sketch, which is why I asked for a pointer to the one you referenced that would reproduce the 502 error. Not sure mine is experiencing that.
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Your sketch is probably fine. If you had the error in the browser and in the serial monitor, then it was because of the outage yesterday.

Let us know if it continues.

Jack Christensen

Sure will, haven't seen it since, though.

I did experiment with duplicate tweets, by just posting them manually on twitter.com. I also found an item regarding duplicates on Twitter's help center which indicates that tweets have to be exactly the same to be rejected. My testing is consistent with this, duplicates are rejected, but changing even one character will allow the tweet be posted.

I suppose it's possible that manual posts are treated differently than those sent through an API, and the help center item doesn't define "recent", so I've sent an inquiry to Twitter support, I will share what I learn here.
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Jack Christensen

According to Twitter support, tweets are not filtered unless they are identical, and this applies whether they're entered manually via the web site or if they come in via an app like ThingTweet.  So adding a timestamp or a unique serial number to each message should ensure everything gets posted.

They said there wasn't a specific time interval after which a duplicate tweet would be allowed, but didn't explain further. Maybe they compare against the last n tweets or something.

I've added timestamps and I'm assuming at this point that the issue is resolved; continued testing will tell for sure. I did at one point inadvertently send two tweets only milliseconds apart, and the second one got lost, but that could be for several reasons and it seems like an unreasonable thing to do anyway, so now I'm ensuring that doesn't happen.

Appreciate the input, ThingSpeak!
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