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Hello there fellow Arduino tinkerers. I just purchased and assembled a RGB LCD from Amazon. Link: http://www.nkcelectronics.com/rgb-lcd-shield-for-arduino-65k-color-k65.html

I am having trouble starting it up for the first time. I have loaded some sample code I found on a previous forum regarding this shield. Link: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1273278659/all. Everything is soldered in its correct place in the correct position, everything is solidly soldered to the shield.

When the shield is attached, and I try to upload the code, there is some kind of "avr failure" and it won't upload. When the shield is not attached, and I try to upload the code, it works flawlessly. After the code is uploaded, I disconnect the USB and attach the shield, then reconnect USB for power. The display does not light up, it doesn't display anything. I soldered everything SOLID except the display which I had to solder wires to the contacts just so it would stay. I didn't use the screen connector that came with the shield because it is a lot harder to use than soldering wires to the contacts. It may just be that I have to press the screen down harder so it makes contact with all the contacts, then it might work. I hope it's not my ATMega328, at least they're cheap to replace.


You need to test that the supply isn't shorted out somewhere on the board - multimeter set to resistance range.  Do this whenever you build a board.  Then if that's OK power it up and test the voltage out to the LCD and its backlight.  Testing for shorts between neighbouring pins is a good strategy.
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