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I had a bunch of customers contact me about interfacing ETT DS1307 Real Time Clock Boards to Arduino and one thing led to another, I designed a quick and dirty add on board with a 24LC256/24LC512 for data storage memory. The board plugged into the spare header ... well .. one thing led to another and  I wound up designing a whole "data logger" as well. The details are on my website but the quick over view is this

- battery backed up DS1307
- two 24LCxxx sockets addressed as $50 and $51, can take up to a 24LC512
- four positions for scaling resistors for A0 to A3
- direct plug-in to either Arduino NG or Diecimilia, or PaulB's BBB, or simply to a breadboard
- comes with a nominal set of scaling resistors (details on webpage)


cheers ... BBR

Left side 3x6 is to connect to power, gnd and A0-A5 on the BBB, the right side holes line up with A0-A5, and power and ground on the Arduino NG and Diecimilia, or can be wired to directly or header pins for a breadboard.

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