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How/what is the best way to wire them up to ardunio on the account they need more volts than an ardunio can supply?


note: i need to control 2 leds



Ok so as you can tell i am very new to this whole ardunio thing. So a little more explantation would be awesome. Such as where te connections go or maybe a place i could fine tutorials/lessons on the subject matter. Thanks!


No I do not have the lamps now. I am looking for a led lights that use DC instead a normal light bulb on AC. I have the ardunio Duemilanove. I have done some experiments with it. So far i have made a camera controller that controls your dslr camera taking x number of pictures ever y number of seconds. For now i am only powering it by usb. However that will change if i go through with this project. No it is not for a car.

AGAIN thanks so much for the help


Awesome thanks, but in general how do i use a transistor and external power source. 


Just what i was looking for thanks so much!

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