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Well, it works for one thing? :~  (at-least the basics are working)

The other thing is that I modified the script for my needs, I did not build it. (Iam not that smart) :smiley-roll-blue:
I can live without a fading light of something that is just flashing.
But it would be so much cooler if I could get something to work like that. This sunday was a total waste again, I will try one more time on friday after that I have to move on I guess...


Hi guys, just a update on how things are going:

I found this website with a script (on the bottom of the page, "LED Blinking 4") that is after being modded exactly what I want. (a little warning: if you go to project 4, you have to assemble the two sections together)
After that its very easy, thanks to you all...


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