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Well, as many of you know, the Arduino has gone into space, the toilet, on a door, in an altoids tin....

I started this topic on Bar Sport to get a list of everywhere the Arduino has been.
So just post wherever you've seen the Arduino do and go, especially uncommon ones.
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what was the context by the way?


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EDIT: Removed IT.

Removed what?

I don't know what your talking about.  :D


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Are you sure?

3min in Sheldon is giving a long list of games consol's that they have had stolen and, says "our wii" that could sound a little like Aurduino???


Lol. He says "our Wii", not "arduino". Sorry :)


*Facepalm to myself*

:-[  :-X

How about no one post on this thread.... so that it bumps down to darkness... and no one sees it again..

maybe in the future arduino will be said on tv... :(


What does "BUMP!" mean in this context? Is it the new word for LOL?


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Bump means

"You want this to disappear to hide your embarrassment but I am not going to let you forget it"

Sorry  :-X


In this context I think the bump is to prevent the OP's request
How about no one post on this thread.... so that it bumps down to darkness... and no one sees it again..

Ran Talbott

especially uncommon ones.

Well,  I've got one screwed to a telephone pole out in the desert:

Actually,  strictly speaking,  it's the enclosure that's screwed to the pole:  the Arduino is tucked away inside it.  It gathers weather info from a Davis weather station and sends it over a wireless Internet link (the dish about halfway up the pole) to a fancy big city server a couple hundred miles away.  For now:  the European developers using the weather station and security cameras to monitor the status of the new resort they're building want to move the database to a European server.  So the little Arduino will soon be going intercontinental   :)

Once we're sending the data internationally,  I'm thinking about adding the string "alqaeda" to the URL used for posting weather readings so we can get a free off-site log backup from the NSA   ::)



Okay since you spiteful arduino community folks won't let this thread be bumped down because of a reason i don't know what you're talking about, I've eliminated something i don't know about.
:o Confusing. Don't worry about it :D just keep moving! ;D :D ;D

This is a thread about places you've seen the arduino go. The weirder the better.

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