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I've been using for years my arduino mega with different IDE's based on compile then download.

First question: for some reason with my new MacBook Air & IDE22, I can't see anymore where are the files (binary, assembly,...) in order to use AVR tools, where are they ?

My second question: suppose I've access to the executable file being downloaded, is it possible to give this file to a client who will download it directly to its arduino mega board ?

In other words, I don't want to provide my PDE project to this client but only the executable but how do I do this ?

Thank you in advance, Albert


THe second question should be solvable with AVRdude.exe (option -D from my head)

Hold the shift key while uploading and you wil see the command to upload a sketch into UNO/MEGA etc.
With AVRdude it is also possible to extract an image from an UNO/Mega.

Google for the AVRDude manual for all the details.

First question, sorry no mac user.
Rob Tillaart

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There was a time where using IDE version 17 would generate on each PDE project folder a specific folder called applet (this is on Mac's so I don't know about PC's). This folder would contain *.cpp files, *.o objects files, *.eep, *.elf, *.hex and core.a

Can someone tell me with IDE version 22 where are stored these compilation & linker files where, in particular the special file that will be ultimately downloaded towards the arduino board target via USB ?

If this specific file is accessible, is it possible to download it directly to the board via IDE so I can give it to a client without providing the PDE sources to protect my work.


In linux it put's the files in /tmp. It is probably the same on mac. In the arduino ide press the verify button, then in a terminal run this:
Code: [Select]
find /tmp -name '*.hex*'
if it's like linux you should get a directory like "/tmp/build6469773749697915412.tmp" copy the hex file from there and give it to the client. They will need an isp to flash it though, I don't know if you can do it from the arduino ide.


Using IDE 17, I've located the *.hex file as well as avrdude application which i understand can be used directly to download the HEX file to my arduino mega.

Can someone with a Mac could just tell me how I launch avrdude, what parameters from a Terminal shell ?


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