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I am a volunteer for our local community outdoor swimming pool, this year we installed a large solar thermal system which is controlled via RESOL equipment.  The grant givers require that we display our data to the public so we ordered their SD3 solar display.  This works great but as it is powered from the Vbus (RS485 modbus) the 8 segment LCD display is very dim and cannot be read outside..... so, I am looking for a solution.  I have an Arduino 328, an LCD 20x4, a DFRobot RS485 I/O shield and hopefully enough protocol info to unravel the data?.... I don't have... enough knowledge to code a sketch to A/. receieve the data from the RS485 Sheild and B/. turn the data into something meaningful.

Would any kind sole be able to provide some guidance to allow us to fulfil our grant requirment of displaying this data to the public?   :)

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