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Hello everybody!! Ok all the UAVS stuff is continuing...

You can see some of our project we have done with arduino.

All people interested in my projects like Arducopter, ArduIMU, Arduplane, etc. please say thanks to Chris Anderson, he is the master mind supporting this, (im just the developer)...

We have a mention in arduino blog: http://www.arduino.cc/blog/?p=41

The first (partial) Arduino autopliot: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A37739 In this last one i just made the hardware, and im finishing the version2, with some improvements, the code is being developed by Chris.

And the best of all the ardublimp v4 (you have no idea) all is SMD and the code uses PID controllers!!! and the PCB is 3cm x 5cm's!!! and includes 3 motor controllers, IR navigation, servo controller and more, but for know please check the ardublimp v3 here:
and this a demo flying, everything is in DIYdrones.com, codes and more, and finally i convince everybody to throw way the expensive basic stamp and switch to Arduino =).. ::)

About the arducopter, the project is called :( is almost impossible to control an helicopter with the atmega168, you need a lot of power and refresh rate to successfully have a good control, i will continue it but know im using an ARM based ucontroller..

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