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Hi All
Our TV has just given up the ghost.  Sound but no pictures.  Opened it up and discovered two capacitors on the inverter board have popped.  Has anyone got two handy in the North West UK.  I know it's a long shot but: it's raining, it's a bank holiday and I really like TV!  Flipping Maplin don't stock them.


Problem solved.  I realised that the two 680uF's were in parallel adding up to 1360uF.  I couldn't get this value either but a 1000uF and 470uF is near enough in my book (they are used for smoothing) and the TV is now working perfectly XD


Odd how everyone (other than the people on here) considers: opening a broken TV, working out what is wrong and then fixing it yourself to be witchcraft.  It's quickly becoming the same with cars and household repairs  :( 


You ask a youngster how to change a 13A plug, most don't even know they come off as we have had sealed leads for such a long time.

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