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Hi, I bought a 5v li-poly backpack from nuelectronics (http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=17) but I'm unsure how to connect it.  The data sheet on the site doesn't go into the connection to an arduino uno.  The photos show it connected to what I believe is pin 2 and pin 6 of the ICSP header.

I dont think going via the power socket and the regulator would be a good idea.

Does anyone have one or anyone knowledgable about the rugght connection please? I guess I could use the Vin and gnd pins but that would preclude a sheild.

Thanks in advance,




Well the backpack generates a regulated +5vdc output, so you only have three choices of where to wire it to the arduino:

1. Pins 2 & 6 of the ICSP connector pins
2. +5vdc and ground pins on the shield power connector strip.
3. Take a spare USB cable, cut off the PC end, locate the +5vdc and ground wire from the four wires and wire to the backpack's +5vdc/ground output. Then just plug the USB connector into the board to power your arduino.



Thanks retrolefty that was fast.  Yeah I dud sone research online after looking closely at the photo but I just wanted to check it was a redo able approach to use the ICSP header. I know a pro framed would use those pins to power the board so it's no different really.

Thanks again.


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