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Hey guys,
   Sorry I haven't replied for awhile.  I can't find my old version of code that had the machine gun pulse so I will have to resurrect my little lab to sample the pulse. 
   I just saw something today that explained why I was getting (relatively) crappy range on my IR firing.  I had the IR LED directly connected to the DIY arduino so that it was limited to Arduino power (20 mA).   I should've using a transistor and ground/power to amplify the pulse like this example: http://www.instructables.com/id/Duino-Tagger/step4/Transmitter/
   Also I saw this cool flamethrower pumpkin http://www.instructables.com/id/Flamethrowing-Jack-O-Lantern/and I think it would make an awesome addition to the battlefield.  But instead of a pumpkin we will put it inside a plastic building!

  What do you think?


But instead of a pumpkin we will put it inside a plastic building!  What do you think?
Oh my. I think your insurance premium just went up.
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Flame affect mockup of building or vehicle should probably be placed outside, surrounded by non-flammable rocks.  Even better: Make a fenced off arena which has these kind of affects and don't let the patrons inside the arena.  Sounds like a great kickstarter idea.  Kids would love it.  What boy doesn't like fire. yeah he he yea yea burn


Hi buddy!

Do not worry! My job stole all my time in last months and I could not play with my arduino. I hope I return to the scene in a few weeks.

I tried to find in my country the Yellow tank, but is hard to get here (for a just price). I will purchase from ebay/China probably.

About IR Transmitter, 20mA is really low (I was doing the same thing as you ^^) But 300mA sounds so much (for short intervals between pulses).

Fire is nice!!! But strykeroz is right... lol


I just saw this chasis.   I've been waiting for a cheap base I think this could be used for a basic frame $12.  http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__26250__4WD_Robot_Chassis_KIT_.html what do you think?

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