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Hi guys,

I was recently looking for some local help with Arduino .. as well as interested in doing some freelance work in Toronto with the arduino .

I noticed that there's no real place online where I can find developers and post my services .. so I created a site for all of us!

Please check out ArduinoExperts.com ... A place for arduino developers to get freelance and full-time gigs.


Tell your developer friends, we'll tell ours.
Together we'll have plenty of arduino geeks to code with!




Well I posted to it but even the owner/poster (Rob) of the website is not responding :) Shame it seemed like a good idea.

EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring


I dont expect it to be around for long, as it misuses the Arduino name in the url and site design.


Is the name "Arduino" a trademark then .... I thought the whole thing was open source.
EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring


Is the name "Arduino" a trademark then .... I thought the whole thing was open source.

Yes, all software and hardware are open sourced, however the name Arduino is a trademark name. So you can build and sell an exact clone, but you should not call it an Arduino. You can say it's Arduino compatible but not sell it claiming it's an Arduino. Is that clear as mud?  ;)


Aghh OK I understand that now, but ....

If I wanted to create a website for Android developers and called id AndroidCoders.com and used Android in the name of the website.

I am not actually pretending to be Android and I am also no producing a competing product so am I actually in violation of the trademark ?

Cheers Pete
EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring


If the owner of the Android chose to enforce they could kill the domain for just having the trademark in it.

I once had a domain and website called godzillamom.com which was a gift to my mother in law, who has one of he most unique godzilla collections in the world.

With in about 30 days I received a cease and desist letter asserting trademark godzilla from toho, the letter has been added to the collection, but the up shot was I made a claim under a similar stance.

It was ruled against in the dispute and it was later removed with an official takedown.

The Arduino team have shown that they will defend the Arduino trademark in this capacity.


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just note that there are different expertises in Arduino land, on high level hardware versus software

- external electronics
- internal AVR
- sensors & physics
- protocols, communication & busses (SPI I2C)
- networking
- servo's & robotics
- ...

- bootloader levels
- C++,  optimization
- libraries
- ...

How can one indicate its specialities in an uniform way so I can search for a certain profile ?
(now there are less than 25 it is just browse ..

Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
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Woah, I haven't checked here in a couple of days ... seems my site generated some discussion :)

I'm currently working on my first real arduino project and saw an opportunity to have a central place for ardiuno developers.  I may need help locally on my project in Toronto and I'm sure many people will need arduino developers in the future as this platform gains wider acceptance.  I'm really excited about the partnership between Android and Arduino .. this should really help Arduino explode!

As for the name, I just wanted something catchy that explains what the site is about .. Arduino Experts!  This seemed no different to me than the other countless sites with open source/trademarked names like:

djangogigs.com - django developers job board
rubynow.com - ruby on rails developers job board
www.phpexpertsforum.com - PHP dev forum .. there's LOTS of php examples
etc, etc, etc..

Seems like no problem for these guys and they've been operating for years!!  If anything, I'm helping the Arduino eco system to flourish by spending my own time and money to build out 3rd party tools that enable their integrators and developers to interact!

I also clearly state at the bottom 'This website has no affiliation or connection with Arduinoâ„¢' and don't use their logo or misrepresent them in any way.

And to the armchair lawyers in the crowd.. really? If everyone thought like this nothing cool would ever be made .. now let's get back to designing awesome stuff using Arduino!




robtillaart, thanks for the suggestions .. I will add the various specialities into the system so that we can have better categorization ..


I sent an email re some problems, haven't heard back yet.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Hi guys,

I checked the site and my mail server crashed.  I just got your emails now .. expect a reply shortly  XD



Bainesbunch, I didn't get your message .. can you please send it to robstar (a t) gmail . com ?

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