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hi there,

I have developed some objects using arduino;

1- Wow!CUBE : a wireless cube that displays RSS feeds or Gmail unread mail, it communicates with the computer over bluetooth and the software part in the computer was done using Processing. To turn the cube on, we only have to put the girl's head in the top of the cube!


2- Wow!LIGHT : a wireless lamp that can tell you if u have Gmail unread mail, the UV index or humidity in various Portuguese cities and it can act as a time alert too. It communicates with the computer over bluetooth and the software part in the computer was done using Processing. Just turn the lamp 180º to turn it on and off.


3- Wow!Flower, some flowers that bloom when they detect someone  and tilt when they don't detect anyone. It also has a fan that spreads a lavander aroma...


4- Wow!TShirt, a tshirt using arduino lilypad, a buzzer, a homemade switch and an RGB led;D When someone presses the "hand" a random color will light up and then they can "seen" what they've won


Extra: i have other 2 objects but i did not used Arduino, i used Phidgets but if u would like to see them too (they could also be done using Arduino instead of Phidgets...)



I would like to thank all u guys in this forum for the support u gave me! (;


WoW! Really nice stuff.  :)
I like the fact that you have the objects totally completed and "buttoned up".
The reed and tilt switches keep it clean too.
Also very innovative functionality and design.
Very nice work.
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~ Clifford Stoll


Some very nice execution there!

I particularly like your investigations into alternative on/off mechanisms. Your use of the head for some reason made me think of using a set of keys for the same purpose--you come home, put your house/car keys on the top of some device and it starts up...

Nice to see some sophisticated promotional videos too. :-)



tkz ;D

The  keys could really be a great idea (;

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