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Hi Guys

I have been reading this forum for the last 2 days and while being more informed about stepper motors and drivers and 360 degree servos, I am also more confused on what to do.
I need to get a servo or stepper motor to turn a gearbox control shaft in a rc car 360 degrees in 60 degree intervals, both ways.
The setup will be controlled by a 3 position on/off/on momentary switch on the Tx - if I trigger the switch in on direction the servo/motor must move 60 degrees in one direction and stay there. Trigger the switch again in the same direction and the servo/motor moves on another 60 degrees. The same will be true for the other direction. So this means I will be using the Hi/low value from the rc channel to determine direction.
From what I have read here, a servo modded for 360 rotation will not work as it will not give you you precise stops - which means I will have to go with a stepper motor.
My question to you guys please:
are these the components I will need for this project?
Also, the motor must stop when reaching 360 degrees and only be able to move back to 0 degrees in reverse steps, stopping at 0 degrees again.
Any help and ideas welcome and appreciated.


Check out servocity.com - they may have something in a modified servo (but not -continous rotation-) that will allow for 360 degree rotation - for instance, the following (though for your application, the size may be an issue):

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Thanks cr0sh

I had a look, and yes, the size will not work.



The video seems interresting apart from the fact that I can't read what is wriiten there. It seems that the servo is moved by a pre-written program - I need the sevo to only move 60 Degrees when triggered - I have gathered that I need a controller to convert the signals from the rc tx to 3 digital signals 1 for the trigger and the 2 for the direction. I then need a servo/motor driver to turn the servo or motor the requiered amount of degrees in the correct direction from the inputs it receives from the controller.
i just need some one to please tell me what  controller and driver to buy for this application, and some one to help me write the code for it.

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