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I want to make my own GSM network

The idea is that an Arduino will connect to my LAN network and have a CELLULAR SHIELD to connect to a mobile and use the internet from the LAN.

Is this possible?

I saw some things in a shop that enables your Arduino to get text messages from GSM.

If anyone knows anything or has made this work please share.



I just saw this video



What is it exactly that you want it to do?

having an arduino that connects the the internet or having a cellphone that uses the Arduino to surf the web?

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I want to be able to host a GSM network, connect my mobile device to it. And connect to the internet.


I believe you will have to pay many hundreds of million euros to get GSM licensee and be allowed to make GSM network :)



I think that what you want is called a picocell or femtocell.  It acts as a tiny cell tower.  I don't know if they are available for GSM networks.  I expect so since AT&T uses GSM and one of the ways they mitigated their spotty coverage was to sell people a picocell.

The opposite is a 'gateway' which connects a land-line telephone to the GSM network as if it were a mobile phone.

The GSM/GPRS modules like the one in the video lets your Arduino act as a cellphone.  It was making a call through the GSM network to the phone and sending an SMS through the GSM network to the phone.   Both the module and the phone required active GSM accounts.
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Well the answer is no you can't, but you can do something else.  XD

Maybe you can use bluetooth and arduino with bluetooth, but I guess you would be better of using wifi and a wifi capable cellphone

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