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Hello Everybody!

Since i have my Arduino, I got always help in the playground or only by reading the forum XD.
But now i have a question, i couldn't find in the forum wheter in the playground an answer for.

In the playground article about HpLaserJetLcd http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/HpLaserJetLcd,
there are links to attachments where (i think) you can see the wiring. But therer is NOTHING.  :(

Can anyone upload a picture about wiring?
Have anyone done something with this display?

nice regards steff


The table on that page showing what Arduino pin to connect to where on each of the three possible connectors is not enough?
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hi john!

i tried like described in the playground article.
But with 3.3v logic, nothing happend.

With 5v logic, everything is fine.

I try to upload the missing Attachments in the article, so that nobody will be cconfused (like me) :smiley-mr-green:

Thanks for your help!



this library dont worked with IDE 1.0
anyone, correct this lib. thanx

Email the Author or don't use 1.0.

Posting "it doesn't work" in the forum probably will not get it fixed.
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If you have a model number I may have a schematic someplace. Thats the best I could do if I had a model number to go on.  If you post on copiertalk needing a wire diagram for an arduino project you may get a few funny looks but they may help you as well.



I wrote that library and web page. Not sure what happened to the pictures, I may not have gotten around to taking or processing them. They are not essential. If you have pictures you'd like to add, that would be great.

Note that I have not had 100% success with these particular displays. Some have worked, some not. It is hard to know whether this is a problem with the library or whether the displays I purchased were bad when I got them.



i hate to bear bad news but the file seems to have been deleted. I would like if someone could repost the file as well.


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