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I will see all these possibilities one by one and report here.


Ps - I am assuming you grounded the correct end of the resistor, the one that used to be connected to the mcu.

Your 4k resistor is actually 3k9 which is a standard value.

I hope you did well in your exams.
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I lifted the end that was NOT connected to the base of T2, I replaced the capacitors because they seemed like shorting with another similar pair, changed the transistors, changed  the 3k9 to 4k7, changed R5, but everything is exactly the same.

And exams were fine. Thanks for your concern :)

PS. I think I should try reversing the pnp before giving it up. Maybe it is the odd type transistor with opposite pinout.


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Finally everything is fine.  :smiley-sweat: :smiley-sweat: Serial communication is fine now

you have emitter and collector of the bc557 transposed

This was it
. The pinout of the transistor was opposite, and it did not mention the company or anything to distinguish it with other bc557s.
I think companies  that don't stick to standard pinout and don't write anything on the IC to distinguish it should be banned!!!  :0 :0 :0

And I cannot thank you enough for it. I really appreciate the help you and other members of this forum offer to everyone.

At the moment serial communication is going great. I am just having some troubles with the bootloader, I have burnt it, but right now its not working. But I think it is just a software problem, which I will sort out hopefully.


Finally everything is working as it should. Thanks a lot everyone :)

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