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tim hirzel

Hello Aruinoers,
I set up a canoe this summer to run a pair of electric trolling motors with golf cart batteries.  It has servo steering and battle bot motor drivers controlled by an arduino that takes commands from a wii nunchuck.  Is this the first electric vehicle controlled by an arduino?  If there are others, please post!  I'd love to see them.  I'm pretty sure it's the first boat.

I made a short movie about it posted here on my blog.

thanks for watching,



I do wonder what happens if you drop the Nunchuck in the drink though... :)


tim hirzel

LOL, yeah, If it gets dunked, the plan is to shut down and grab the spare nunchuck.  And when that one goes, I grab the old school controllers, paddles!



B-dui in creation.

Adilson Akashi

PCB Designer


Congratulations excellent project and great video.


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