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Well ,
        I have it working now, not in the way I wanted , but at least it was a way around the problem.

I dragged the IDE app onto the quick start toolbar
by dragging a pde file onto the app in the toolbar it now
opens up the app with the sketch inside it . Not ideal , but at least it works

Thanks every one that offered help



At the end if the day all you need to do is open up the IDE and open the sketch and away you go.
What could be simpler, though I am as anal as you and would like it to behave as i want.


Hi Texy
           you are right and that is what I had been doing , but the issue
with that is you open up the IDE which opens with an empty sketch and then when you
tell it to open your sketch it opens in a new IDE window so you now have 2 open.

But as you say , what annoys most is although we can make it work by other means ,
why doesn't it work the way it should  , just as it does on my win 7  and XP  machines


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