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My apologies for posting this question again.  There is so much information here making me confused what to follow.

I have purchased an IR Emitter and have a UNO board. I am a newbie in Arduino world and have tried basic tutorials like basic led blinking.

My objective is to control Samsung TV using the emitter.  I saw lot of code snippets, these are few questions for which i have not found answer yet

1. How to set up the circuit in breadboard?
2. Which IR library to use for Samsung Remote?



Also want to mention that I am using "SEN-00241"

This web page talks about it.


You have to pulse an IR led to transmit data. Sparkfun website is down so not sure what you got. People use a 555-timer chip circuit http://jap.hu/electronic/infrared.html to generate these fast pulses, which the micro then turns on/off to send data. Samsung standard is 39.2kHz and RC-5 modulation (32 bit, 1 start, 1 stop) is popular), more info here:


This is cached copy of SparkFun website.


Do you think it will work?


Any light emitting device will work so don't be afraid to use something like a red LED for testing (then you can see it). You probably won't get more than a few feet of transmission distance but that's OK for testing.

Your emitter goes up to 50ma so it should be plenty strong.


Thanks Chagrin for giving me the confidence. 

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