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My phone is Samsung K3500 (I think) Its definitely Samsung but not sure of the model...it does have bluetooth...

Is it possible to control my arduino robot via phone?

I have uploded the code via PC to my arduino, its basically a robot which move forward, left, right, A servo and an LED...
I use putty to control it wirelessly via PC via bluetooth (Bluetooth transciever).

Could I just swap the PC with my samsung phone? And use the bluetooth transciever to control it wirelessly?!
( I have an Arduino Duemilanove, ATMEGA 328 )



Could I just swap the PC with my samsung phone?

Are you asking permission? If so, then, yes, you may.

If you are asking if it is feasible, I'd have to guess no. You would need to load some application on your phone that sent appropriate data to the bluetooth-equipped Arduino to define what the Arduino is to do.

Can you load such an application on your phone?
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If your phone doesn't support the bluetooth serial profile, it is unlikely to work (at least without huge effort.)

Bluetooth has a very rich protocol stack.  You can't just "swap out" radios on the fly like you are suggesting.
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