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Hey!  My Arduino Nano is in the post right now.  I'm planning to build a low-power DSP around it.  Part of this involves biasing the input signal, requiring a 5V source.  For the moment, the Nano is going to be USB only.  What's the best way of sourcing this 5V without soldering a lead from the bottom of the USB connector on the Arduino?  Could just putting an IO pin high do it?  Possibly a waste of an IO pin but if it's the easiest way to get a clean 5V without modifying the board...



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Oh - the way I read the overview, that was an input for the IC that bypassed the regulator:


So I can just take that pin as a regulated 5V out?  Thanks!


When I power Arduino from USB, I get a little less than 5V (around 4.7V if memory serves me right). When I power Arduino from an external supply, the 5V pin gives almost exactly 5V. So if accuracy is important for your application, you may need to check it out.

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