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Hello all,
i'd like to know your thought on this two items.


This one seams to me like a normal potentiometer, i suppose the efficiency is really low with high loads. What do you think about it ?


This is a led RGB strip driver, with an IR remote controller. The strange thing is that it works in series with the dimmer controller above. (Sounds a bit strange to me). Btw i suppose (just a random idea) it works with 3 mosfet driven by a pwm signals (8bit maybe). Pwm signals is created by the IR receiver on the white block.

If it works in this way i suppose i can hack it just connecting ground with arduino, (maybe i can also in the same Vin @ 12V) and replace their PWM with arduino's (if, their pwm works at 5v ... )

Did anyone have chance to open and look inside it?

Tnx you in advance


The first item should be a PWM controller, 2 A x 12 V = 24 W, pretty high power to regulate by potentiometer  in small box .
it works in series with the dimmer controller above.
Sounds strange to me too, as dimmer 2 A, and you need three of them for one remote controller.
I don't think you cam hack it by open a box, black epoxy is the best copyright protector. :)

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