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Hello all!

Can you please tell me if is there any library for the Serial Graphic LCD 128x64 from Sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9351?

I am making a project with  Arduino Pro Mini due lack of space and if I use the Graphic LCD 128x64 in parallel the number of free I/O is very limited.

Your help/feedback is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


did you check the links on sparkfun -----> http://serialglcdlib.sourceforge.net/
Rob Tillaart

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Thanks for the information.

I am a beginner, and I do not understand much about Arduino or C. In the readme file I read this:
Code: [Select]

I strongly suggest that you install Jenn Holt's firmware if you got this display as it fixes a lot of bugs with the original firmware.
Strange symbols will no longer appear while writing commands to the screen, the backlight will not flicker and
contrast will work properly (odd that this even was a problem as it has nothing to do with the microcontroller).
In addition, writing to the screen (text/graphics) is a lot faster.

May be these questions are very stupid, but, some one can explain me what it means. What type of firmware is this to install? How to do it?

Thanks in advance,


Hellow all,

Can some one help me please and explain what the below sentence means. Do I need to program the Arduino (firmware)? Your help is appreciated. If some could explain me (or give me directions) on how to use/install the library for the  Serial Graphic LCD 128x64 (KS0108)  I will be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

I strongly suggest that you install Jenn Holt's firmware


There are 3 components involved in using this glcd
- Your sketch
- a serial glcd library that your sketch uses
You do not have to use the library but it can make things easier.
Without the library you would simply send the serial messages to it yourself
rather than call the library functions.
- code (firmware) that runs on an AVR on the glcd serial backpack - not the AVR on the Arduino board.

The reference about Jenn Holt's firmware is referring to the code that is running
inside the AVR on the backpack. It is a re-write of the sparkfun firmware that is
supposedly better and faster.

The sourceforge link above has links to the library code.
There is also a link to the same sourceforge library
on the spark fun page. (although an older version)

If you go to the sourceforge page and then go to the downloads page, you will see
the library code for downloading and below that there is lots of text below the download links
explaining it and a link to Jenn's firmware.
This information is also in the README.txt file inside the library zip file.

--- bill


Hello all,

Bill, many thanks for your information. Seems to me actually a little strange to install in the Arduino MCU, now, with the information you  gave me its clear.

Thanks again for the detailed explanation.

Best regards,

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