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Topic: ENC28J60 Ethershield 1.1 - Unable to communicate with PC over crossover cable (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic

I am trying to achieve the basic functionality of the Ethershield 1.1, however no matter what code I download, there is no messages being sent from the device. I have the Ethershield attached to a Duemilanove board. I have added debug messages that are sent over the inbuilt serial interface and everything appears to be correct. To check for messages I have also used Wireshark software on the pc that is connected to the Ethershield using a cat 5 crossover cable, there is no messages displayed from the IP address configured for the adaptor.
Can anyone suggest my next steps?
I am tempted to try and create my own procedure to program the ethernet controller (I wrote one many years ago for a PIC16F877 in assembly language), it would certainly provide a learning experience!!!


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