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Good day to all, and thanks for the many contributions which built this environment.  What a pleasure it is to work with good tools.

Offered for your consideration is Bitlash, a command line shell for the Arduino serial port.  I have found it useful here, and perhaps it will be useful for you, too.

Bitlash is an Arduino sketch; it runs on Arduino and interprets commands that you type in a terminal window:

     > print("hello, world", 2+2, 1<<3, a++==0)
     hello, world 4 8 1

The standard Blink13 example is a one-liner in bitlash: the "while" command repeats the command while the test expression is true:

     > while 1: d13=!d13; delay(100)

Bitlash is intended for those occasions when you need to bang some bits but writing a full Arduino sketch is overkill.  But you can write simple apps in it.  The command set includes most of the Arduino C functions.  You can store compound commands in EEPROM as macros.  Macros can call other macros.  Infernal machines can be built.

Download, Doc, FAQ and Code Zoo can be found at: http://bitlash.net

I would welcome your feedback.





Let me say thanks for the work that you have done. I like the concept as I think it would be useful for teaching beginners.

If I can propose a change is to have a version where the commands match the arduino statements. This would make this pefect for beginners to learn.

Good job



Hello, Massimo:

Thank you so much for your kind words, and your excellent suggestion.  

I would appreciate your feedback on the improvements in compatibility in version 0.6
of Bitlash, which I have just made available.

I hope you will not mind if I paste the release notes here so that the thread stays intact.

My best regards,


Bitlash 0.6 release highlights:

- BACKGROUND MACROS and the run, stop, and ps commands, and snooze() for multi-tasking
     Bitlash can run up to 8 macros in the background
     while you work in the foreground at the command prompt.

- COMPATIBILITY IMPROVEMENTS: Function names adjusted for better Arduino compatibility:
     Several names were changed to protect the innocent
     (beginners, at Massimo's suggestion - Thanks, Massimo!)

- CUSTOM PROMPT MACRO: If there is a macro named 'prompt' it is run in place of
     printing the '>'.  You can show the temperature, countdown, whatever you can measure.

Download link:       http://bitlash.net/downloads/bitlash-0.6f.tgz
Bitlash home:       http://bitlash.net

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