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...The new fancy approach appears to involve external servers running on PCs or better and a third party site to get a java component. Getting complicated.   ;)

I agree, it does get complicated.  :smiley-sweat:
And If I was making a standalone arduino ethernet server, I would probably just use the meta-refresh method directly in the arduino sketch.

Like justjed I also have a box at home, capable of hosting php, which makes the jquery approach a lot easier. (now I just have to figure out what i want do do with it - that is the most difficult part of the project!!)  :P


I was trying the same thing but i was only able to send data to the arduino without reloading.
I made a tutorial about it maybe you can use the code.
her is the link http://kobey.be/tutorial.html#tab1


Have you considered using web sockets?

There is an SHA library for Arduino out there, so in theory it should be possible.


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I used php, javascript, ajax, cURL across two servers to solve this challenge. 

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