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What's APPB?

It's Arduino Powered Peanut Butter!


This is a Modern Device RBBB with a custom program to display a variety of messages. The button on top turns the display on/off (with magic peanut fading in and out) and switches between messages (out of office, at lunch, etc). Every once in a while a random message will appear only to be replaced by the regular message.

There's a CAT5 connection on the back of the jar for connecting to the display which will eventually have two or more panels. The display looks a little funny because of the long'ish exposure needed to get the glow of the button. The glow is provided by an LED also hooked to the Arduino to provide fading there as well.

It's powered by a 5v 2A supply also plugged into the back next to the CAT5 connector.

I'll also be adding control of two 1W lights, a Presagis Aeria LED ball and an R2D2 figure that makes noise.

I'll be using a duplicate as part of my HoloController to show text messages outside the lab.

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