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I have spend several hours searching, but I cannot find this.  Can someone please point me towards some sample code?  

Here's what I want to do.   I am using a Nokia 3310 shield, see link below.


I want to be able to have multiple (about 40) menu items on the display, and when I select each menu item, I would like to be able to have other pins on the arduino go HIGH and LOW.  Basically, I'm going to have about 10 LEDs plugged up to the arduino, and want to have different LED combinations turn on based on the menu item.  I don't need any visual feedback on the display, I just need the LEDs to turn on.

Any idea how to get the LCD to let me choose to turn an ouput pin HIGH?

I am using the Arduino Mega 1280



Any idea how to get the LCD to let me choose to turn an ouput pin HIGH?

The Nokia 3310 shield seems to have the raw materials that you need but you are going to need a lot of software to implement it.  You should try to get in touch with Dr. Liu (username: liudr or try http://liudr.wordpress.com/) who has done something like this with a character mode display.  Perhaps if you send him one or two of the devices and whisper sweet nothings in his ear he may be able write some software for you.



Don, thanks for mentioning. I will take a look at the Nokia library to see if I can make a hack to my user interface library. I don't really have the display or the shield though so I will try a small scale hack to test the water. My main target is to expand the library to KS0108 displays, which I do have one sitting in a box :)
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


I found that some guy made an interface for using this display to control LEDs over an aquarium.  I looked in the code, but I dont have enough experience to be able to pick out the particular lines of code I am looking for.  Anybody want to take a look?


If anyone knows of a better LCD to use for controlling pins, please let me know, I don't mind buying another one.  Does Liudr's displays allow for the control I am looking for.



Writing something to a display is one problem. Building a selection menu and control some output is another issue.
I am currently working on the second part: Providing a library for user interfaces (M2TKLIB). Among other elements, the STRLIST elements allows the selection of one element out of up 250 (http://code.google.com/p/m2tklib/wiki/elref#STRLIST)

This library currently support character LCDs (LiquidCrystal) and graphics LCDs (GLCDv3 and DOGM128 Library, so chips KS0108, ST7565 and compatible are supported).

M2TKLIB could be ported to any other display, so if the library works with your Nokia display (so you see some text on it), i could provide a port to M2TKLIB . However, the port needs to be tested by you. Send me a PM if you could imagine to use M2TKLIB and test the port to the Nokia display.



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Running one a number of the examples of the STRLST and get no response from the display.



How did you test this? There is no official version for the nokia display on the web, at the moment.
Maybe you can repeat your test with the attached version of m2tklib.


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