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Hello all,

Fisrt of all my name is Frank and I'm TOTALLY new to the Arduino concept but I like it very much!! I'm not totally new to uControllers but I am rusty. :smiley-red:
I am looking for advice from the professionals on this forum :)
For a project that I want to start I want to connect the Nokia 6100 Color LCD Shield (from sparkfun.com) to the Arduino Mega 2560 and use it. Is this even possible??
I have found the library and some example code but I am not sure if I can use this two together (Arduino Mega en Nokia LCD Shield.)
I also want to connect 2 serial devices and I'm planning to use the NewSoftSerial library for this.
My question is what should I use? And what is the best choice for the a Arduino board, the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega2560?

Please advice me in this question,

Thanks in advance,



The Mega has 4 Serial ports so you don't need software serial.

Both boards are OK, the MEGA just has more possibilities and I don't know how much IO lines you need
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Ah ok thanks.
I'm going to use at least 2 serial ports. But my main concern is, does the Nokia 6100 LCD Shield (sparkfun.com) work with the Arduino Mega 2560 and supplied libraries on the website?

Thanks in advance,



I found an other display shield from 4dsystem. Documentation is better en I'm going to switch to this display shield for Arduino.


I found an other display shield from 4dsystem. Documentation is better en I'm going to switch to this display shield for Arduino.

Documentation is useful, but compatibility and support (i.e. libraries) are even more important.

Perhaps you want to provide a link to the display shield you are now planning on using, and we can comment on that.

There is nothing in the design of the Nokia Color LCD that makes it incompatible with the Mega. The shield design might. If you post a link to hardware, it is much more likely that we will click the link to have a look. Having to open a new tab, type in Sparkfun's URL, search for the part that might be the one you are talking about, and then commenting is more trouble than it is worth, since the chances of commenting on the EXACT part you are considering are not always as high as you might think.
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Sure, follow this link to view the displays available. I found them on 4DSystems.


This display I want to use in my project.


Thanks for your interest and your advice for use of the Nokia display shield by sparkfun.com.


I've written a library for that display that covers about 90% of the functions it supports, you can find it here.  avenue33 has also written a library for the very similar PICASO controller that could be adapted for use with the GOLDELOX board fairly easily (PCASO uses 2 byte screen addresses while GOLDELOX uses 1)  There's a link to his library in the first reply in my thread.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using this OLED screen is to be sure that you're able to properly shut it down before you power it off.  Don't just hook it up to the power leads and pull the plug when you're done, it can damage the screen overtime.  My library has a built in shut down command that you can use if you hook up the display as mentioned in the example.  If you're using another library or just talking to the screen directly you can still do the shut down sequence by hand.

I don't know about the shield though, I just use the bare screen.  I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work.


Thank you very much for the link to the library! And for the good advice, because I don't want to damage my display shield! And I'm going to use your shutdown command so I can power off safely!! :)

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