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I found the GLCDs online at AllElectronics for $18. They're 256 x 128 and have a SED1330F onboard display module. This is my first time using the Arduino to program and GLCD screen. Plus the data sheet for this thing is pretty messy. Anybody know some good tutorials or can help me hook up and program this GLCD. Much appreciated! Most GLCD tutorials I look up have different pins than the LCD which makes me wander what some of the extra ones are on this GLCD. And I think that you need a library for this LCD. Correct me if I'm wrong.

GLCD = http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/LCD-101/256-X-128-LCD-PANEL/1.html


I bought a Hyundai HG12602-A on impulse for AUS$14.
You are right the website and documentation are a mess!

After a bit of digging I managed to get pin outs and a command list.
It looks like the GLCD library will work.

So try comparing the command list and see if you can find similarities.

That looks like a nice display for the money.

I have one of those HUGE LCD displays with a serial backpack from Sparkfun.
What a pain it was to find a case to put it in!

I ended up with an A5 sized GameBoy!


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