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Ok, I'm new to Arduino and I got an Arduino Uno ATMEGA328P. I have windows 7. When I was looking at a tutorial it said to click on the "Serial Port" tab, but mine is grey and I can't click on it. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that the "Add New Hardware wizard" didn't come up. Please help and thanks for your time.

(P.S.) I'm sorry if anyone already asked this question


I know nothing of windows 7, but can you find your serial ports in hardware manager (or W7 equivalent)?
When you plug in your Uno does it show any LED's on at all?
Have you tried plugging it into another USB port on your PC?
Do you have another PC/Laptop/Mac that you can plug it into?


Thank you so much. I went into the hardware manager and manually loaded the driver and it's working now  :)

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