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Hi guys,
i`m using Arduino since two years, but now i habe a problem which makes me crazy. After two days troubleshooting i decided it would be the best to ask you for help.
When i connect my Arduino to the TV (in my case AV3 using an RCA cable), i always get only a black screen, and approximately evry minute some ghosting. I`ve already searched the internet, but i found no soulution.  :(
I`m using Arduino Duemilanove with ATmega 328, a 1k Ohm resistor to pin 7 and a 450 Ohm resistor (3x 150 Ohm) to pin 9. Additionally i use a 75 Ohm reststor (two parallel 150 Ohm) between video and Gnd.
Here is my circuit:

My code:
I got the code from:

Thanks for your help! :)

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