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(Moderators: Yes this is partly a promotional post, and being relevant to the Arduino community I seek to post it once and only once - barring replies to questions. If this is not appropriate nevertheless, please feel free to delete!)

That there are almost no PCB proto services that will let you order just 1-2 PCBs without burning a hole in your pocket or compromising on specifications because you're a "hobbyist." As a DIYer and then as a guy who has been designing circuits and boards for DIYers, I was frustrated too. As a service to the DIY community I have, last week, launched my own PCB batching service which should fill a void here.

For US$1.50 per square inch, you get 2-sided boards, both sides soldermask, both sides silkscreen, 100% flyprobe-tested, and immersion-gold finished. There is no setup fee, no minimum. Yes, order just one board if that's what you need, order a second only after you have tested and made improvements.

Boards are made by the Bangalore plant of a European PCB major, so surprises are rare. Shipping is just US$7 worldwide.

Pricing Examples

* 5x5 cm (4 sq inches): US$ 6 + shipping

* 5x10 cm (8 sq inches): US$ 12 + shipping

* 10x10 cm (16 sq inches): US$ 24 + shipping

For more info on specifications and ordering, please visit www.audesine.com and look under the Proto PCBs tab. Or, just write to me at rr atSPAM audesine dotSPAM com for more information.

Cheers - Ram

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