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I have seen about this... however the examples I saw used pulseIn to figure out the capacitance of the LED, but that sounds interesting to just hook it up to an ADC...



You could try using an LED as the sensor. Yes LEDs can be input devices.
I've used an LED as an input on projects to detect light levels to detect day/night
or even when a finger is touching it.

You can hook one up across an Arduino analog input and ground
to see how the the analog input readings vary as the light varies.

The color of the LED affects the spectrum of light the LED is sensitive to
when used as a sensor. i.e an infrared led will be most sensitive to infrared light.

Google around you will find many links on how to use them as sensors
and some very impressive uses since depending on your circuitry
you can actually use the same LED for output and input.

--- bill


As mentioned in the OP, I wanted to use IR LEDs (hospitals use it... so it must be good!) but I don't have any photodiodes. I'll place an order for some. I guess EKG is not really the way to go....



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