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I like the option to choose between 3v3 and 5v, but I would be worried about accidentally changing the switch to the wrong setting and breaking something. Any chance of a jumper? Or a few holes to put pins for jumpers?


You can probably have one instead of the switch, or i could put pads on the back and you can leave off the switch? Any thing else you want? I was thinking of putting inpads to disable/enable auto reset if ppl are going to use the bootloader?


Probably not enough space for bootloader and a program of any use, but maybe a 4313 would have? I was actually just planning on having serial comms available mostly just for debugging so it wasnt an issue for me. The program is eagle-up, http://eagleup.wordpress.com/ which is an eagle ULP and a sketchup plugin. Really good!

well i don't know if a core for attiny4313 exists but there is for attiny2313 so you could probably use that - but why don't you work with atmega series ? for example atmega8 dip its really cheap on ebay you can also find atmega168/328 both smd/dip package

about the eagleup - too bad sketchup work only on windows/mac - no linux joy (i could try installing windows on a virtualbox or use wine)

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