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This project will be familiar to anyone who is a fan of Lost.

I've used Flash and a dash of php to create a countdown that needs to be reset every 108 minutes.  (Google Lost countdown if you need more info on that).

I wanted to create a button that could be pressed to trigger the reset script located on my web host server.

I built the Execute button using a simple Radio Shack project box and a momentary switch.

Some time on the Arduino forums taught me that you can use the Processing language as a go between from the Arduino to the Internet.

After some tweaking, I now have a button that I can press to trigger a php script remotely and reset the clock on the server.

I realize this is only using a fraction of the power and potential of the Arduino, but it is a start for me and I was pretty excited when it worked.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP3m7aJDQHA

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