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I'm frightened I might of broken my arduino board, but maybe I just being stupid.

I am using the Simple Message System to communicate with PD. I have the pin values displaying correctly in PD, and they seem to correlate with Arduino's  Serial Monitor.
Where things are going wrong is the values my arduino is reading on the analog pins.

- Pins A0 and A1 always displays values around 63.
- Pin A2 seems to be working properly. ie when nothing is connected it the values jump around, when connected to ground I get 0, when connected to 5v I get 1024. 
- Pins A3, A4 and A5 display values around 900 and when connected to 5v give values of around 1004.

I am not sure when it started, but I might have fed 9v into the analog pins. Would that break it? If so is it irreversible?



You can use the General test of the Arduino Test Suite to see what's working:


Note that you have to jumper adjacent pins according to the diagram so that inputs and outputs can be tested against each other.
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Pins toasted...  :~
Lesson learned: double check which wire you're holding.


might be the internal pullups??

You could test if the blown analog ports stil work as an digital out port.

pinMode(Ax, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(Ax, HIGH / LOW);


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Which board are you using? You can get a new 328 programmed with the bootloader for 5 - 6 dollars and plug that into your board and have the full function back.

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