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Each pin of the Arduino MEGA must be limited to 800ma maximum current output

If you try to draw anywhere near 800mA current, you will have problems. The maximum safe limit per pin is 40mA, not 800mA.

I believe that 800ma is the maximum rating for the regulator supplying the entire board when it is being powered by an external power brick.

Isn't there an additional current limit per-port as well as per-pin?  I want to say it's about 200ma for most ports, so even if you stick under the 40mA pin limit, if you try and drive every pin at that level you will still do damage.


Yes there are per-port as well as per-pin limitations. Take a look here for details:

..other how-to stuff there also, like Motor Drivers, here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/MotorDrivers

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