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Sep 21, 2011, 08:02 pm Last Edit: Sep 21, 2011, 08:05 pm by Dorus Reason: 1
Should I return the display from where ive got it, and swap it for a 16x2 or a new 20x2?


Send them a nice email with the code and the noisy hello 123456 picture (I suggest a direct shot instead of angled). See if you can get a replacement or just grab a cheap 16X2 display on ebay. How much did you pay for the display, just curious?


Sep 21, 2011, 09:55 pm Last Edit: Sep 21, 2011, 09:57 pm by floresta Reason: 1
It appears that your display may be bad.  If you look on the back of your module you should see several integrated circuits or blobs of epoxy.  One of those is the HD44780 (or equivalent) controller which contains the microprocessor, the memory, and the driver for the first eight columns of characters.  The other ICs are HD44100 (or equivalent) auxiliary controllers each one of which is the driver for another eight columns of the display.  It appears, among other things, that your auxiliary controllers are not functioning correctly.  I guess you can now see why I recommended that you display long messages!


Edit: Sorry for the delay in answering, they are repairing the fiber cables in the area and our internet service was down all day.


No problem, I'm at school during the day, so I can't respond/read it anyway. What I noticed on the LCD was, that when I sometimes tapped the LCD on my desk, the blocks would sometimes disappear. I think you are right, and the LCD is broken. I shall call the company who supplied it to ask for warranty or something.

I paid 9 euro, which is equal to about $12. Is this expensive for a LCD?


Could have been damaged in shipping. The rubber conductors supporting the liquid crystal glass could have displaced making poor contact. Or the control chip has gone haywire. I don't buy 20X2 but if I get a new 16X2, I aim to pay no more than 6USD for it. Search ebay. chinaecomponents on ebay is pretty good with quality and has free shipping to US (maybe Europe too). They ship from China. dipmicro on ebay or dipmicro.com has decent price displays but it will only be worth your shipping fee if you buy some parts at the same time. I purchase these displays all the time and have only stuck with one or two suppliers since their qualities are consistently good. If you look at my signature, you know I have several designs that involve displays ;)


I saw your blog, youve got some pretty amazing projects on there. And you make your own shields! :smiley-surprise:


I saw your blog, youve got some pretty amazing projects on there. And you make your own shields! :smiley-surprise:


Making things fells right! I also wrote and maintain some free library codes that many find useful :) Most of them involve a display :)

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