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Hey I'm a 4th year in Multimedia I'm trying to think of final year project ideas using the Arduino. My ideas were to develop a wearable glove which acts as a mouse using, blue tooth, pressure pads and infra-red or a remote controlled robot that has a web cam the web cam is controlled by a infra-red device worn like glasses which has a screen in built into the lens.

I would like to hear feedback on these ideas or any ideas that you can think of. The ideas can be of a wide range.



The ideas can be of a wide range.

That means any idea can make sense.

Advise: go outside and look for people having a problem that can be solved with some smart tool.

e.g. an Arduino based carkey that can unlock your car by means of bluetooth (any phone) and some pincode.
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A camera mounted on a ceiling tracks a few IR dots- one on a hat, two on a glove.

A bend sensor or two sense when you put your hand into a pointing gesture, and based on the location of the IR dots, a computer (the camera is connected to the computer) sends messages via bluetooth to turn on the appliance you pointed at.  (arduino in the glove, another to control the appliances)

Hey, you said wide range!   :D

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