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Hello, does any one have any sample code that could possibly get me started in sending commands and reading them from afinger print slider through an arduino mega?

I understand we need to send hex values in order to run the commands, but im unsure of how to send them and how to read the response command.
EF 01 FF FF FF FF 01 00 03 0D 00 11
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Hi, What scanner do you have? Pointers??

Just had all my fingers and both palms scanned by the Italian Police... so I'm now allowed to live here.  Nice High-res images on computer. Then printed on paper to go in the same files as the old Ink type records  :)
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Just use the serial.print and send the bytes as characters.


I remember on the old forum a discussion about connecting a finger print module. The module had its own memory and cpu to hold and match fingers. The interface was serial, and quite straightforward. IIRC The Arduino could start scanning and got an index back if a match was found and -1 when not.

A quick google gave me some hits but not the one I was looking for :(

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