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Hi guys, I am in the stages of planning a Arduino nano build. I am trying to build a sound board for a lightsaber and if it works I plan on making quite a few.
I want to program the nano to work with a tri-axis accelerometer and play sound files from the Arduino memory or a micro SD card.
I am trying to produce a cheap alternative to existing saber sound boards, with as many features as possible.
Current sound boards are able to
1) play sound 1 on start up or activation, when momentary switch is pushed
2) play sound 2 at idle (nothing happening)
3) play sound 3 when motion is detected (by 3 axis sensor)
4) play sound 4 when activation switch (momentary switch) is pushed for a second time

This is the base for my project if i can do this I hope to elaborate adding more effects.
So what do you think? Is this plausible?
Any input welcomed.


If theres a tutorial that would start me off on the rite direction that would also be appreciated.


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Here's a start


buying a developed board is going to save you quite some time, however this might be to big (2.250"x2.00") but you have an idea
of what to search for, also try searching google for triggering wavs with the arduino. This board uses serial to trigger
MP3s, so it would be quite easy to accomplish what you want by learning the serial functions with the arduino.

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