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Hi all,

I recently received a DVD player with a USB connection. I can put DivX, MP3 and JPG files on a USB stick or a USB hard drive and play them from this source. As I have a pretty large collection of recorded videos in XviD format on my multi media computer I wanted to make these available though the USB port of the DVD player without having to copy them over to a USB stick. Kids want the movie NOW, not in 15 minutes.

I read it is possible to reprogram the USB interface of the Arduino Uno to present itself as a mass storage device. If I hook up the Arduino to an IP network, would it then be feasible to hook up the Arduino to a share on the network and have the data found there to the DVD player as if it were a mass storage device?

There are plenty of TVs without DLNA support that could profit from a device like this too.

What do you think?



The goal is not having to copy all the videos on to the external hard drive. You need to unplug it, plug it in the computer, copy the files, plug it back into the DVD player. Too much hassle. And then I don't even consider the cost.

Video has nothing to do with this project. It's just moving data from the network connection to the USB connection and vice versa.

I do see your points in regard of the difficulty with setting the Arduino up as a mass storage device and the lack of buffer memory. I doubt the bandwidth is not high enough not to be able to stream the data directly.

I will investigate this a little further.


I doubt the bandwidth is not high enough not to be able to stream the data directly.

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It doesn't matter if the data is video or seismic readings. There would be orders of magnitude too much.  I'm almost certain that a commercial product exists that is designed to solve your exact problem.  I'll see if I can find it.



That didn't take long.....


That device should do indeed what I need.
At $129 it's a bit steep.

Out of curiosity and because I need the info for another project: what is the bandwidth of the USB port of the Arduino in practice?

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