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Topic: How to control winamp with tv remote contral via Arduino? (Read 2159 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello guys,

I am sorry for my bad English. Also i am newbie at Arduino.

I want to control Winamp or Aimp with tv or generic ir remote control using Arduino.
Could anyone help me with that?.


you don't need arduino for this, just install a usb or bluetooth IR receiver on the PC and write yourself some control software.

hope that helps,

a][+ ascii express, 110/300 novation cat, xmodem


I can't promise you that it will go ALL the way to where you want to go, but you might have fun (without much expense) "playing" with a part of the problem, anyway.

It isn't hard to hook up an IR sensor to your Arduino, and get it to turn on LEDs in response to different commands from the TV remote.

Details at....


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