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Hi, I recovered this display, I think comes from a photocopier, I would check with Arduino, but I can not identify the correct pin, put in some photos of the display where you see the chips.
I have recovered another that he used the chip HD44780, and in ten minutes I found pinout diagrams and Arduino controls it perfectly, but this thing.
Thank you all for your help.




did you try to google ID prints on PCB, like DEC-XX-0 (under the red line in picture 2) and the number on the front side (P300051300XXX?)


Hard to say. The SED1191 seems to be a row driver for dot-matrix displays so maybe it is a dot matrix display. There is an epson chip that probably controls the display and interfaces with the printer. Chances are the epson interface has no spec sheets.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


for the signs on the pcb I have tried everything but could not find anything.
Unfortunately I think that the chip that controls the arrays is a dedicated non-standard chip epson and impossible to control, and if I remove the chip? Epson could directly control the matrix with arduino? directly connected to the 1191?

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