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Iam looking for a lib(for Arduino) to operate a 128x64 graphicdisplay(KS0108) on i2c.
Can someone help me?


don't know, too little info for now.

do you have a datasheet link ?

exist libraries for other processors?

have you sample (non lib) code for this display?

is it compatible with some known display? (mentioned in datasheet)

Rob Tillaart

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I use the GLCD library version 3 for normal use.

But 13 Pins for only one Display is to much for me.
So Iam looking for a Solution with a I2C-Portexpander PCF8574.
A Datasheet for the Display i cant post at the moment, because the Display by a Friend for testing.

Btw here is a Video from youtube, but the owner of the Video does not write back.

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