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Each of the motor controllers have an 1000uf cap installed.

It is not enough, you need an inductor as well in a pi circuit, that is cap inductor and cap then motor.


Hi, You've talked about the common ground, but not WHERE it is...

The idea is to keep current in one circuit from flowing in other circuits..

I think the obvious place for the common ground is the single point where the battery negative meets the motor (or motor controller) negative. Personally I would put a 1/4" or larger bolt in that metal box and bring the battery negative and motor controller negative together there. Then I would run separate ground wires from Arduino ground (maybe separate wires from all 3 grounds, the servo grounds, and the RC ground to that common ground point.

The idea is that the large motor currents that flow from battery +, through motor controller, to battery - do not cause ANY current to flow in the other circuits.

Temporarily run Arduino from a 9V battery to isolate that power supply issue (The 12V point in the series connected batteries will "bounce" around under load.

Tell us more about the physical connections....
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I am using 10 gauge wires to bring in  power from the batteries to a terminal strip. from there 24v power to the motor controllers. 12v power comes from the strip to the micro. 8 gauge wires transmit power to each motor. the micro's internal regulator provides power for the rc receiver.  all grounds lead back to the terminal strip to the neg wire.


Everything would be cleaner if you didn't try and derive power for the servos/Arduino from the motor batteries - that way you could keep heavy switching currents away from sensitive circuitry completely and when the motors stall (and draw 100A) the Arduino won't reset.

BTW its very important that the high current battery and motor leads are not run parallel to anything else, that leads to lots of pickup, route the high current wiring together and well away from any signal wires.
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Can you suggest any good filter for the rc ppm signals and the serial ttl?

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