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I have read many articles on using the Deumiilanove to program the ATTiny48 and other ATTiny at MIT's forum but i have this AT89C2051 and want to take the software already in it must be the Binary and convert it into the c++/wiring based program as im used to program in Arduino what must i do?
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Dump hex file is not impossible, if your programmed 89C2051 is not copy protected by fuses !!!
If so the way is long  as 89C2051 is not an AVR but a 8051 variant neding 12V on reset pin for programming or dumping.

-here is a good DIY 89C2051 programmer(Reader) built itself on a 89C2051
C source code (SDCC) is available.
You can buit as is  and dump hex file.

If you want an Arduino based programmer you have to learn from given SDCC C source file, port it on Arduino platform, add some hardware for Reset switching between 5V and12V.

Using a 8051 disassembler you can obtain a raw 8051 assembler file.
If you want to go further you have to undertand all stuff before new C coding !!!

Very, very long way !!!


Yes its a Very Very long way.Thanks! for replying.
"Real Men can Accomplish  Anything"

- skype : nishants5  
ਫ਼ਤੇਹ ਕਰੁਂ!

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